Bolkan Paper Stationery


Since the first day of our operations in the sector, "sustainable power" has been our principle. We began our business career first in Cebeci district. Now, we provide service in our own factory building in Saray-Karan district and we are Ankara's oldest living paper, cardboard firm.

In the early years, we provided mainly domestic products but in recent years our product portfolio consists of imported paper and cardboard products. We obtain affordable products in the world's market and offer these products to our customers to provide them competitive advantage.

We operate as an MOPAK authorized dealer for many years and also, we provide products of the factories VEGE, KARTONSAN and KOMBASSAN to our customers.


    We try to
  1. build a bridge between manufacturers and printing industry nationwide,
  2. keep products that are not in the cyclic production and meet the paper,cardboard needs of customers,
  3. create financial support between customers and suppliers and
  4. contribute to the solution of problems on the production line.


  1. Sustainable Power
  2. Regular and Reliable Service
  3. Business Ethic
  4. Fair Trade
  5. Make benefit to customer


We are working with our own vehicles to deliver products to your addresses in Ankara but for external orders we use Warehouses and shipping.